A little about me 


Firstly, I'm a Brummie, living up North and working in London (that's a lot of trains journeys!).

I've spent the last 10 years working in HR roles, passionately helping people develop professionally and personally within industry-leading companies in Retail, Publishing, Media, and Technology.
Throughout this time, I have been privileged to support and coach many employees and leaders in defining and making moves towards achieving their goals. I get an enormous sense of pride watching people find and do what they love.

Recognising the magic of coaching, I trained in Transformational Coaching and now aim to help people make lasting changes that will enable a fulfilled career and life.
My values and how I work are grounded in curiosity, creativity, honesty, and empowerment. I also pride myself on simplicity. The world is hectic enough – let's keep it simple.

My Story

I'm proud to say that I've always been a hard worker - a grafter. I 'ticked the boxes' and did the school exams, went to University, got a Grad job, worked towards promotions, even went on to study for a Master's degree in the pursuit of success. I knew no different.

I assumed this was the path that everyone travelled...no?

I worked hard in every role I had, respected hierarchy and wanted to do the best possible. A self-diagnosed people pleaser, I said yes to projects even when I was maxed out, I was the first in and the last out, and then – I hit a wall. 

The 'wall' coincided with turning 30. I realised that I had been buried in the busy of work and life since the age of 17 and had barely come up for air. This time prompted questions like;

  • Is this the career I want?
  • Is this burnout normal?
  • What am I really good at?
  • Is it too late to change?

Am I going crazy? Am I being selfish? I have a great life; I shouldn't complain.


The truth was however, I had always had a niggle about a career in coaching but deflected or dismissed it as a career 'other people' had, not me. It wasn't a traditional job, so I shut it down. Only the niggle continued to grow and became difficult to ignore.

I had two options (hindsight tells me there was only one by the way!)


1) I could stay feeling flat and demotivated, restless and distracted – none of which were me OR,

2) I could stop sitting at my pity party and take steps to make a change. 


So, after years of excuses, I went for it. The decision to commit to a change in my career and how I lived my life was overnight. The work to get to know myself and achieve what I wanted would take the next year or so – it was worth it and I'm the happiest I've been.


I am now totally committed to helping other women navigate the overwhelming uncertainty, and excuses (trust me, you have them) so that they can get clear on what they want, what makes them happy and live in it.

I firmly believe that amazing things can happen when you listen to that niggle, believe in yourself and commit. 


Does my story resonate with you?

If any of this sounds familiar to you then I invite you to get in touch and book a Free 30-minute Career Breakthrough Call.

On the call we'll talk about:

👉 what you're feeling and the issue(s) you have right now⁠
👉 a solution to help you start making moves and getting what you want
👉 how you can start making positive changes straight away

I'm ready to hear more