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"I decided to take up the opportunity of coaching as I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my work life and hugely lacking the confidence to make a change. Before I started on my coaching journey, I was feeling unconfident, deflated, and uncertain of what I wanted to or could achieve in my career. 

The more time I spent working with Anna, the more I felt like I was waking up to my full potential.  Anna has a gentle way of guiding you to find the answers to any uncertainties you might have.  I instantly felt lighter and more optimistic after our sessions.

 I enjoyed my ‘breakthrough’ moments the most, letting go of feelings that were subconsciously holding me back, or thinking about them in a different and more positive way.

Now I am optimistic and even excited about what I can achieve!"


"I feel like it was magic with Anna. I know that I am different now. Anna asked the right questions and showed me what I was being in the moment because I couldn’t see it for myself. An example, “Right there, you are being authentic.” It was shocking! I never understood what that felt like but once it was called out, things changed for me.

By the end, I had my plan of action and I continue working towards my big goals. I really got clarity on how I am going to take care of myself first and live in my power"


"My expectations were totally exceeded! Whilst the structuring was absolutely there, and Anna kept me on track by checking on progress and helping me explore ways of doing this so I owned it – the real coaching was in the exploration of my values, what authenticity really meant to me, and in the management of my feelings and anxieties around setting up my own business.

Anna creates a very safe and compassionate space where you feel free to take the time you need to really explore yourself and your relationship to all the aspects of your life."


Q: What motivated you to work with Reclaim Your Lane?

A: I knew something had to change! I was sick of writing the same memos to myself, making the same ‘big change’ to do lists.

Q: How did coaching with Anna change things for you?

 A: I was able to open up about what I really wanted, not just with my writing, but with my whole self. I find it easier to make decisions now and separate what I think I should do from what I actually want to do.

I feel much better able to navigate the inevitable storms and uncertainties in the future. As I have been able to open up about who I really am (and what I really want), I have a much steadier framework for making decisions based on what is truthful to me, rather than an arbitrary external system of what I think I should do.

I feel more capable of turning up as I am right now, rather than trying to get everything perfect before I let myself be seen.

Q: What was the thing you benefited from and/or enjoyed the most about working with Anna? 

A: Identifying my values has been hugely beneficial. It has helped me understand myself and understand what I need to be part of any ‘yes’ decision. It’s also helped me separate myself and my own needs from other people’s expectations and motivations. It’s helped me strengthen my sense of autonomy which will give me solid foundations to move forwards.


Q: What made you decide to see a coach/take up the opportunity of coaching?

A: Before coming to Anna, I had lots of ideas about where I wanted to go, but I was struggling to channel that. I knew that I needed some professional help to get me to where I wanted to go, and so it was a no brainer to me to seek out a coach!

What were you feeling at the start of your coaching journey?

A: I was feeling quite confused and overwhelmed about where I wanted to take my next steps. I had a lot of creative ideas, but I was struggling to be consistent with any of them.

Q: As you went through the coaching, how did it change things for you?

A: I started to gain a lot more clarity about which direction I wanted to go in. I started to feel limitless in my ideas and that all these dreams I had for myself felt tangible and real in a way they hadn’t in the past. I felt this amazing sense of power and drive to achieve, but not in a way that would burn me out. Instead I felt like I had the ability to set structures and goals for myself that I could keep on top of, and that were ambitious at the same time.

Q: What was the thing you benefited from and/or enjoyed the most?

A: Anna was someone to champion my wins every step of the journey. I really felt like I was being supported every step of the way.

Q: How else have you benefited from our work together?

 A: I feel like I know myself better than I ever have done. I am now equipped with tools that can enhance my life as I make my way towards my goals. I also know what questions to ask myself when I get stuck, and I have so many amazing journal prompts to refer back to when I am in a rut. I finally feel like I am able to take steps with confidence, and that I can keep taking these steps consistently.

Q: What's the most important thing people should know about working with Anna?

A: That you will be truly transformed! And you won’t only get a coach - you’ll also have your own personal cheerleader who will champion you each step of the way. 

I felt like she truly saw me in my entirety, and her poignant questions allowed me to explore myself in a safe and expansive way. My time with Anna has been amazing, and I know I will feel the ripple effects of her coaching for years to come. I honestly can’t recommend Anna enough!

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Having that full 6 weeks together was so necessary. I was able to explore everything that came up, and Anna’s questions and guidance enabled me to make choices that are aligned with my most authentic self.


Q: What made you decide to see a coach/take up the opportunity of coaching?

A: I found myself at a fairly pivotal point in my career. I felt that a coach could help to strip back some of the non-essential “noise” and help me to focus on a couple of key development areas required for future progression.

Q: What were you feeling before starting coaching?

A: I was overthinking a lot and putting unnecessary pressure on myself. 

Q: As you went through the coaching journey, how did it change things for you?

A: Coaching certainly helped me find clarity, and build small changes into my working day/week. It also gave me a lot of confidence – the opportunity to bounce ideas around and play scenarios out was invaluable.

Q: What results have you achieved from your coaching journey?

A: The biggest thing for me has been identifying truly motivates me and where I find my energy.

Q: How else have you benefited from working with Anna?

Working with Anna provided a safe space to define goals and talk openly about how to go about achieving them. 

Q: What's the most important thing people should know about working with Anna? 

A: Anna is very approachable and instantly makes you feel at ease. She allows you follow a particular train of thought, exploring ideas and concepts, whilst subtly keeping you on track so that you get to your intended outcome yourself. 



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