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"I decided to take up the opportunity of coaching as I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my work life and hugely lacking the confidence to make a change. Before I started on my coaching journey, I was feeling unconfident, deflated, and uncertain of what I wanted to or could achieve in my career. 

The more time I spent working with Anna, the more I felt like I was waking up to my full potential.  Anna has a gentle way of guiding you to find the answers to any uncertainties you might have.  I instantly felt lighter and more optimistic after our sessions.

 I enjoyed my ‘breakthrough’ moments the most, letting go of feelings that were subconsciously holding me back, or thinking about them in a different and more positive way.

Now I am optimistic and even excited about what I can achieve!"


"I feel like it was magic with Anna. I know that I am different now. Anna asked the right questions and showed me what I was being in the moment because I couldn’t see it for myself. An example, “Right there, you are being authentic.” It was shocking! I never understood what that felt like but once it was called out, things changed for me.

By the end, I had my plan of action and I continue working towards my big goals. I really got clarity on how I am going to take care of myself first and live in my power"


"My expectations were totally exceeded! Whilst the structuring was absolutely there, and Anna kept me on track by checking on progress and helping me explore ways of doing this so I owned it – the real coaching was in the exploration of my values, what authenticity really meant to me, and in the management of my feelings and anxieties around setting up my own business.

Anna creates a very safe and compassionate space where you feel free to take the time you need to really explore yourself and your relationship to all the aspects of your life."



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