"For those who are done with feeling stuck and ready to make decisive moves forward in their career and life.

Feel clear, find direction, get results and be fulfilled"


Hi and welcome! I’m Anna, Career Coach and Founder of RECLAIM YOUR LANE, on a mission to put women back in the driving seat of their career so that they can fulfill their potential with fire and determination and live happily.

I help women detox themselves of the world’s expectations, clearly define their version of success and enable them to make decisive moves forward in their career.

You’re here because you want to be free of feeling stuck and confused about ‘what next’ in your career.  If you're ready to listen to that niggle for something more or different and if you desire change in your life - I got you.

  • Reclaim your self-belief that you can get (and deserve) what you want in your career
  • Reclaim your voice and get seen
  • Reclaim your potential and live happy and fulfilled

It’s go time!



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Look beyond what's 'expected’ of you

Define your version of career success

Reclaim your self-belief and confidence to get what you want

Take action to achieve the career and life you want


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"The more time I spent working with Anna, the more I felt like I was waking up to my full potential. I'm now optimistic and excited about what I can achieve"


''I feel like I am being real with myself and saying what needs to be said with less fear to others''



''The results are more confidence, happiness, trusting myself, accepting what work/life balance is and exercising personal integrity more often''


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