I'm Anna, a Personal Development & Career Consultant and Coach with over 10 years of experience in senior corporate HR roles.

I help businesses engage, retain and motivate their employees with a focus on top talent who may feel restless and uncertain about career progression within the company.

* I work with employees to take ownership of their career development and recognise opportunities for growth so that they remain engaged, empowered and fulfilled with their roles.
* I work with managers so they feel equipped to empower and support meaningful career conversations with their teams.
The result is motivated and engaged employees, supporting retention and productivity.

Through my approach, crafted using my experience and expertise in HR, careers and coaching, I help employees and employers so that they can mutually thrive, transform and grow in a competitive market.


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About Anna

I have spent the last ten years as a global HR partner, passionately helping othersleading companiesonally and personally within industry leading-companies such as Groupon, Arcadia, Hearst Magazines and Ogilvy Advertising. 

I'm all about empowering your talent to take ownership of their career to reach their full potential and subsequently feel fulfilled in their work and the life they lead. For employers, the result is happy, motivated and engaged staff.

The businesses I work with want to build a reputation where the most ambitious and talented people can grow their careers.

I pride myself on simplicity and cutting through the noise to support lasting transformation and a competitive edge.

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1:1 Career support

Helping your high achievers and top talent who may feel restless and unclear about the next step in their career, feel empowered to take ownership of their career, progress confidently and recognise opportunities for growth within your company.

Engage, retain and motivate your talent with immediate impact.

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Coaching skills

Embed coaching skills within your business to promote individual career ownership, support meaningful career conversations and understand what motivates and drives your talent.

Tap into unrecognised potential, move from reactive to strategic people management and have staff feeling seen, heard and ultimately valued and engaged.

Employee engagement = mutual gains.

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Bespoke support

  • 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • Inspirational career talks
  • Supporting new leaders step up confidently
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Staff engagement analysis
  • Bespoke workshops
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Why now is the time to pay closer attention to your talent

As a result of COVID19, your employees have navigated difficult personal and professional circumstances and are reflecting on what they want now and what's important. They're starting to reassess if their current job and career is giving them what they need.

It's time to pay closer attention and here's why;

  • The stars you have grown and developed may be restless and questioning if they can get what they need elsewhere.
  • With flatter organisations and unclear career paths, employees are starting to look elsewhere for progression.
  • With reduced responsibility or those who are required to do more with less, there is the risk of employees feeling undervalued and in need of recognition.
  • Employees feel low in motivation and the collision of work and home life has blurred boundaries and increased burnout. 
  • People are looking beyond the objective reward or pay and title and are seeking fulfilling work and personal growth.
  • With 'the strongest job market in a generation' - even your most loyal staff are starting to take notice of new opportunities.

Losing your talent costs time, money and resources for a period much longer than just the hiring phase. Knowledge, expertise and culture walk out of your door and into competitors.

It's time to take action. It's time to empower, grow and retain your talent.

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Benefit from

  • 10 years experience working in industry-leading companies within Retail, Technology, Publishing and Advertising. 
  • Demonstable experience supporting CEOs, leaders and managers retain and engage top talent.
  • Global experience to support career development across cultures and international teams. 

  • Insights from 1st class Masters research: 'Perceptions of career success and relevant stakeholders in career management'.

  • An accredited coach with proven methods.

  • Support from someone who has been where you are now and successfully navigated people challenges.


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