A 6-week online coaching programme to help you feel clear on what you want next in your career, to connect to your purpose and to move beyond what holds you back so that you can feel confident in your direction. Take action with intention and build lasting confidence to keep you progressing in your career and living happily.


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Does this sound like you?

  • You know something needs to change in your career but you don't know what to do next or where to start.  
  •  You feel that time is passing you by and you want something more than what your current work is giving you -  something meaningful in your work and life.
  • You're unsure what the 'right' thing to do next is and your hesitation is keeping you feeling stuck.  
  • You're struggling to find the time, energy and confidence to navigate your crossroads and make clear decisions.   
  • You've tried to figure out what you should do next alone and without much luck. You need support to give you the direction, confidence and accountability to take action.  


Ultimately, how you feel about work is starting to impact other areas of your life and you need someone to lift you out of the overwhelm and keep you moving forwards positively. 

Why join the Career Ignite Programme?

  • You’ll feel clear and calm as you identify what it is you want next (and what you don’t want) in your career.
  • You’ll have a refreshed sense of self and a connection to who you are, your purpose and feel excited about moving forward with intention.
  • You’ll have renewed confidence so that you feel back in control and ready to make decisions that are right for you and your life.
  • You’ll feel inspired to take action and explore opportunities you didn’t see before or that felt too big or too out of reach.
  • You’ll feel less fear, less hesitation and feel unstoppable as you move past the things that have held you back.
  • You’ll have a robust mindset and an action plan to start making moves and keep you progressing confidently!

Most importantly, you’ll feel energised, focused and ready to show up in your life - a happier, more fulfilled you will have a positive impact on everything.

The details (Next intake 02 May 2022)

  • x 6 prerecorded modules (1 per week) to guide your journey (recordings mean you can listen as your week allows) 
  • Weekly resources, including journal prompts, will accompany the weekly module to help you get the most out of your journey.
  • Fortnightly group support calls with Q&A with Anna- recordings are available if you can’t attend live.
  • On-hand feedback, support and accountability across the 6 weeks via email.
  • Access to programme content via a private portal (can be accessed on laptop or app)
  • A trusting and confidential space to explore your thinking and feel supported.
  • Support group - Up to 10 like-minded women on the same journey to support and cheer you on.
  • Bonus 30 minute 121 coaching call with Anna at the close of the programme to ensure you’re all set to ignite your career!

Investment - £750 (early bird) 

  • Pay in full
  • Pay via 3 monthly installments of £250 (Feb, March, April)
  • Pay via 4 monthly installments of £187.50 (Feb, March, April, May)
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What next?

I know investing in yourself can feel daunting so it's really important to me that we ensure the Career Ignite Programme is right for you.

I invite anyone interested to book a call now so we can discuss together how this can benefit you!

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Why I created the

Career Ignite Programme


I've been where you are right now. I know the overwhelming feeling of 'what now, what next' in your career. I also know the clash you're experiencing between what your intuition is telling you to do and what you believe you 'should' do. 


The flat, demotivated, frustrated and burnout version of you - this isn't you. You want and deserve to feel excited, motivated, inspired and fulfilled and it's not too much to ask!


I have crafted a programme to help you navigate these crossroads confidently. You'll benefit from my HR expertise and knowing what it takes to thrive in your career and my coaching experience to help you understand what you truly want on a deeper level. 

Through thought-provoking coaching and straightforward, practical advice, my job is to set you up with the mindset and action plan to see you make confident moves now in your career.


A key part of the programme is a group element. You'll be on the journey with a small group of women (I cap at 10) to provide you with your very own support crew! It will be a trusting and confidential space to cheer each other lift and empower each other.


I'd be honored to be your trusted guide, right-hand woman and cheerleader over the next 6 weeks.

I promise to help you cut through the noise, lift out of the overwhelm and write your most exciting chapter yet.


Finally, I'll say it's never just about your job; it's about forging a career path that helps create the life you want to live. You don't have to choose between them. 


I can't wait to welcome you and get started!


Anna, X

If you've read this far then something is resonating with you

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